x Neomea Shooting Star
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x Neomea Shooting Star
Intergeneric Neoregelia johannis x Aechmea recurvata v. benrathii
Hybridizer: Dennis Bryant.

Ian Hook Sydney 08/07, from The Olive Branch as Ae. recurvata x N. Fireball. (Now listed as 'Munchkin')
x Neomea Fireball X recurvata
Intergeneric Neoregelia Fireball x Aechmea recurvata
NOTE: This label appears to be in error. A second (identical) plant from same source a few years later was labelled Neomea Shooting Star, which seems to agree with fcbs.
CORRECTION: When fully grown in bright light, the two plants proved different. Those at top of page stay small, many recurved leaves with abrupt point. These moved to 'Munchkin'.

x Neomea Shooting Star
Ian Hook 10/05, from The Olive Branch.
Ian Hook Sydney 10/08.

From Geoff Lawn:
Olive got her X Neomea 'Shooting Star' from me, which is largish to 60---70 cms. diameter if fed--mine are half this size. My photo on fcbs.org/ I took in 1986 at Bullis Nursery (Florida) from where I brought back only 1 of maybe 12 similar clones. The quoted parentage is known to be doubtful because the true Neo. johannis was poorly known back then--probably N. coriacea or a hybrid thereof was the pollen parent, the red-leaf form of which became 'Broadleaf Rubra'.
I would say your X Neomea 'Shooting Star' is correctly named and with more heat and light over Summer, watch the foliage change to purple on both the upper and lower leaf blades--it does here at least, under 70% beige shadecloth in a hanging basket. 'Shooting Star' has links with 'Peter Kearney' and 'Dennis', possibly all 3 of which are by the elusive Florida breeder Dennis Bryant.

Neomea Shooting Star
Photos & plant from Geoff Lawn.
In shade Geoff Lawn
In sun Geoff Lawn
Inflorescence Geoff Lawn
Ian Hook 02/23 (ex. Fireball X recurvata photo 5&6)
Ian Hook notes sorting xNeomea 'Shooting Star', 'Peter Kearney', 'Munchkin' and Ae recurvata hybrid2
Aechmea recurvata Hybrid 2 02/05 from MH. Very open & purple/brown under leaf. Looks same as Ae recurvata Rubra? KW says recurvata x disticantha from his front garden accidental seed.
Aechmea recurvata Red Leaf Form BSA sales 04/04, from S.Brazil, bright light to full sun, large flower head, collected? by Ruby Ryde.
Aechmea recurvata Rubra BSA sales 07/04, from KW.
Aechmea recurvata Yellow/Orange 'Merrylands' 01/08 with KW to Marylands for "into nursing home" brom collection. Got "Ae recurvata hybrid Merrylands" pinkish/orange long leaves no soil 14/02/2023 Aechmea recurvata Hybrid 2 ~40x40cm leaves=long triangular(particularly outer ones) mostly all green (with discolour underside?), definitely narrower than big Shooting Star= photo1(both labelled hyb2). Photo 2 possible same but labelled Shooting Star, some leaf colour, some tips recurved - will leave as Shooting Star? Red leaf, Rubra & Merrylands = all dead ?
14/02/2023 put all as recurvata Hybrid 2 (some labelled with "Shooting Star?")

x Neomea Fireball x recurvata 10/05 BromXIII Conference. Pup off 01/06, 03/07. Looks lots like xNeomea Shooting Star
x Neomea Shooting Star 08/07 ABC show The Olive Branch. See also xNeomea Fireball x recurvata
Timothy Tse open day 23/8/08. Bought xNeomea Unknown63 - Shooting Star? Or Dennis, Magenta Star, Munchkin, Peter Kearney, Santa Marita? No-not shooting star but same as another unknown shooting star?
14/02/2023 Kerry has Munchkin from Qld show '07. But Lisa Vizant says 12cmx12cm. SOME of Kerry's can just be that small.
14/02/2023 Certainly many leaved, spiraling, abrupt & recurved end to narrow leaves with tip colour red/brown to sooty. Mine as Shooting Star ~16-18cm high/wide. Photo 3. To 24cm & green in shade. Red leaves starting from center? And speckled - photo4 Will relabel as Munchkin
24/09/2017 BSA Show. Meryl's left overs(she is moving out)-repotted 2x xNeomea from Ross Little=Shooting star type 2?
14/02/2023 Mine Shooting Star (as type 2, one mis-labelled? Peter Kearney?) photo5 & 6 (6 has Peter Kearney at top). Much wider leaf, less abrupt, less recurved. Red/brown especially leaf edges, underside redish & scurfy. 25hx35w. Some concentric banding?
14/02/2023 will label as Shooting Star but keep some with dark purple in leaves as "or Peter Kearney"
x Neomea Peter Kearney 09/17 x2 Meryl Thomas leftovers unlabelled. From Ross Little. Originally as Shooting Star type 2 but much broader leaves and larger. Possibly Peter Kearney?
14/02/2023 keep label, has more purplish shades & less scurfing. Photo 6(at top)&7

Updated 20/02/23