x Neomea Cleopatra's Sunrise
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x Neomea Cleopatra's Sunrise
Neoregelia Cleopatra x Aechmea Sunrise by Vic Przetocki, WA, 2014.
Vic Przetocki 12/20 ... "Plant is 35cm high x 34cm diameter, leaves are up to 4cm wide. Flowering at the moment for the first time. I did this cross to see if the marbling gene from Neo. Cleopatra would continue in the creation of an intergeneric hybrid. With x Neomea Cleopatra's Sunrise the marbling has come out a mostly solid cream colour, other plants in the seed batch have varying colours from pink to reds. Might have to lower the amount of light that this plant is getting. Registration pending." (Ed: now registered)
From BCR ... "Mature, open rosette to 34cm diameter x 35cm high. Arching, yellowish green leaves with cream marbling. The channeled leaves are up to 4 cm wide tapering to a light red point. At flowering the central leaves are slightly red. The recessed inflorescence has purple flowers edged lilac."
Vic Przetocki 12/20
Vic Przetocki 06/22

Updated 27/06/22