Josemania W.Till & Barfuss

Josemania is a genus of the subfamily Tillandsioideae, family Bromeliaceae.
It is named for Spanish (Ecuadorian) bromeliad expert Jose M. Manzanares, who was part of the collaborative multi-locus DNA sequence phylogeny and morphology study and taxonomic revision of the Tillandsioideae subfamily. (Barfuss et al. 2016. Phytotaxa 279(1): 001-097). Formerly part of the genus Tillandsia, the taxa are found from Costa Rica down to Colombia and Ecuador, where they grow both as epiphytes and terrestrials.
There are currently 5 recognised species. (source: Encyclopaedia of Bromeliads)

asplundii, delicatula, pinnata, singularis, truncata and truncata var. major

Updated 27/10/22