xHohenelia Nifty Nev
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xHohenelia Nifty Nev
Intergeneric Hohenbergia disjuncta x Quesnelia edmundoi var. edmundoi, J.Catlan.
Kerry McNicol 04/10.
Notes from BSI Cultivar Registry...
xHohenelia 'Nifty Nev' by Butcher 2002
"In November 1994, John Catlan of Brisbane, Australia, obtained a plant called Hohenbergia membranostrobilis, from New South Wales; it had originally been imported from Brazil. One year later the plant flowered, and a photograph was sent to me for my files. Alas, it did not seem to be the correct name, and as we all know, it is easier to say a plant is wrongly named than to give its correct name! I was stumped for a while because this plant had dark blotches on the leaves. I then came across the same plant but with totally green leaves. The plant just had to be Hohenbergia disjuncta. John tried self pollinating his plant but had no success. Did he have a mule? In 1997, John was in a 'yellow’ mood and decided that he would use the pollen from the cream petalled yellow bracted Quesnelia edmundoi var. edmundoi. He did not do the reverse cross. Seed was set and planted, and the plants grew well. John wanted to call the plant after his friend Neville Ryan, and as Neville is somewhat quick witted the name 'Nifty Nev' was coined. I refused to believe that John had created a bigeneric hybrid, and he had to flower it before I would be satisfied so John handed out seedlings to a selected few for growing on. Some got to Melbourne with Len Summers. The plant flowered under Len's care and I broke the good news to John that I should not have doubted his word. So now we have xHohenelia 'Nifty Nev' in circulation. As John says, the plant has hybrid vigour, banding, strong yellow bracts, and is a reasonable size for a hanging basket or 150mm pot."
Updated 26/07/10