Guzmania cundinamarcae
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Guzmania cundinamarcae (Gouda)
Formerly on this web site as Guz. pennellii
Species, Colombia, Cundinamarca.
Richard Harper, The Brom Place. As pennellii
Ian Hook 09/09. As pennellii
Ian Hook 09/09. As pennellii
Eric Gouda ... "I think you should change the name of the plants on this pageto Guzmania cundinamarcae Gouda."

Guzmania cundinamarcae (Gouda)
Publication: J. Bromeliad Soc. 71(4): 215-220 fig. 1-4 (2022)
Type: Colombia, Cundinamarca, not far from Bogota, 1975, L. Kent s.n., accession SEL 1990-0860A, flowered in culture Corn. Bak BV. April 2021 (holotype U, isotypes SEL, COL)
Distribution: Colombia, Cundinamarca
Etymology: The species epithet is derived from the Colombian province Cundinamarca, where the type originates.

Guzmania pennellii L. B. Smith, Contr. Gray Herb. 98: 30, pI. 6, fig. 3. 1932.
Thecophyllum pennellii (L. B. Smith) Mez, Pf1anzenreich IV. Fam. 32: 422. 1935.
Desc from S&D
Plant flowering to 2 m high.
. Leaves 5S-90 cm long, densely pale-appressed-lepidote beneath;
. sheaths broadly ovate, brownish;
. blades ligulate, acute, 25-70 mm wide, glabrous above.
Inflorescence lax, elongate, 3-4-pinnate, dark red except the petals, becoming glabrous;
. primary bracts ovate, acute, the upper barely exceeding the sterile bases of the branches;
. branches spreading, 7-12 cm long;
. floral bracts elliptic, obtuse, 5 mm long, equaling or shorter than the slender pedicels after anthesis, submembranaceous, nerved.
Sepals narrowly elliptic, 8 mm long, connate for 3 mm, nerved;
petals 15 mm long, white, blades elliptic, obtuse.
Type. PenneII 4344 (holotype NY), below Paramo de Chaquiro, Cordillera Occidental, Bolivar, Colombia, 24 Feb 1918.
DISTRIBUTION. Terrestrial or epiphytic in thickets and forest, 2400-2800 m alt, Colombia, Venezuela.
COLOMBIA. NORTE DE SANTANDER: Paramo de Tami, Samaria, 29 Oct 1941, Cuatrecasas, Schultes & Smith 12743 (US). VENEZUELA. TACHlRA: below Paramo de Tama near Colombian boundary, May 1967, Steyermark & Dunsterville 98784 (US, VEN); below Paramo de Judio, San Vicente de la Revancha, 14 Jan 1968, Steyermark & Dunsterville 100907 (US, VEN).
See also G. 'Penny Wise' regarding misidentity.

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