Goudaea Boyaca

Goudaea Boyaca
cv. of Goudaea ospinae var gruberi.
From BCR ... "Mature rosette is short stemmed and quite small (45cm. diameter) for the species. Tapering leaves have boldly dark green- cross-banding / patches on a very light, almost white background. The foliage reverse has dark brown markings. The erect spike has a darker yellow-bracted inflorescence than usual with some brown portions. Wild-collected in Chivor / Santa Maria, Boyaca Province, Colombia and propagated by Franz Gruber. Registered by Peter Tristram. Origin: Colombia."

Peter Tristram 05/19
Peter Tristram ... "Goudaea Boyacá. Smaller sized stunner from Gruber in Colombia. Bold, dark markings on almost white, very pointy leaves - about to be registered."

Updated 27/06/19