Fosterella penduliflora
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Originally listed on this site (2006) as Fosterella weddelliana.
At that time it was :
- Not listed on FCBS, but in Luthers Binominal List page 26.
- Registered as Taxon# 3-10 (C.H.Wright) L.B.Smith, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru.
- Based on above references, and what was available at the time, Derek Butcher initially thought Australian penduliflora? were likely to be weddelliana.

More recent studies seem to be indicating the opposite. One tell-tale for weddelliana seems to be tightly wound watch-spring like petals, which these plants do NOT have, and weddelliana may not be in Australia.
The pictures below are most likely Fosterella penduliflora.
Please check your plants against the Key given in Detective Derek article DD1209c.

Fosterella penduliflora
Ian Hook Sydney 05/04.
Ian Hook 12/04. (mis-labelled?)
True penduliflora, Jule Peters, Germany.
True weddelliana, Jule Peters.
Ian Hook Sydney 11/05.
Ian Hook Sydney 10/06.

Updated 01/01/10