Fascicularia bicolor
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Fascicularia bicolor ssp. bicolor
The 5 species of this genus have now been reduced to one species (bicolor) and 2 sub-species.
The old names have been dealt with as follows. (From FCBS site)
kirchoffiana = ssp. canaliculata
litoralis = doubtful (moved to Ochagavia genus?)
micrantha = ssp. bicolor
pitcairniifolia = not used because ill defined
Ian Hook, Sydney 04/05. From Marjorie McNamara, labelled "1st conference seedling Fay Selby 1981".
Ian Hook, Sydney 04/05. Collected by Marjorie McNamara.
David Sheumack, 04/09.*
*From D.Sheumack "Several clumps of this “weed” have been just growing for 20 years or more in a very hot and dry position and never done anything sexual until this season. One other clump did its thing last spring but I quickly learned how long these little pretties stay open.........just over that night.......thus no photos then.
But today I was ready; the plant gives a very pretty presentation all be it very short; (And I chopped the leaves in half and it looks like F. Bicolour)
Updated 18/05/09