Dyckia niederleinii
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Dyckia niederleinii
Ian Hook Sydney 08/08. Insufficient light.
Ian Hook Sydney 11/09.
Ian Hook Sydney 11/09.
Ian Hook 09/21
Ian Hook 09/21 ... "Full sun all year, Sydney. Will grow to whatever the pot size is, this photo 60cm diameter. Old flower spike (the 3rd one) still attached and several pups."

Dyckia niederleinii Mez, Mart. Fl. Bras. 3(3): 474. 1894; Castellanos, Gen. & Sp. Pl. Argent. 3: 230, pl. 63. 1945.
Dyckia missionum Mez, Mart. Fl. Bras. 3(3): 477-1894. Type. Sierra de Santa Ana, Misiones, Argentina, Niederlein 229 in part (B, photo 11441, F).
Dyckia missionum var breviflora Hassler, Ann. Conserv. & Jard. Bot. Geneve 20: 316. 1919. Type. San Ignacio, Misiones, Argentina, Hassler 142 (G, n v).
Desc from S&D
Plant flowering 1-1.2 m high.
Leaves 23-50 cm long;
blades narrowly triangular, 10-35 mm wide, sparsely pale-appressed-lepidote beneath, laxly serrate with slender curved spines 4 mm long.
Scape slender, glabrous;
scape-bracts shorter than the internodes, broadly ovate with long-attenuate entire apices.
Inflorescence few-branched, glabrous;
primary bracts only a little larger than the floral bracts;
branches erect, elongate, very laxly flowered.
Floral bracts broadly ovate or suborbicular, apiculate, 5-8 mm long, lustrous, those of the branches much exceeded by the sepals, those of the central axis longer than the sepals;
flowers suberect;
pedicels very stout, angled, 2-4 mm long.
Sepals suborbicular, obtuse, 5-7 mm long, carinate;
petals 13-15 mm long, the blades spreading, elliptic, obtuse or emarginate, undulate;
stamens exserted, the filaments high-connate above the common tube with the petals, the anthers sublinear, acute, recurved;
style about as long as the ovary;
ovules with rounded dorsal wings.
TYPE. Niederlein 229 in part (holotype, B; photo 11443, F), Sierra de Santa Ana, Misiones, Argentina, 17 Mar 1884.
DISTRIBUTION. Terrestrial and saxicolous, open fields, Misiones, Argentina. ARGENTINA. MISIONES: Bonpland, 4 Feb 1906, Van de Venne s n (BA, SO; 23 Dec 1907, Ekman 1212 (GH, S); 1909, Jorgensen 46 (BAB); Santa Ana, 1907, Llamas s n (BAB); 7 Jan 1913, Rodriguez 701 (BA, LIL, SI); 20 Jan 1922, Parodi 4315 (BAA); Nacanguazu, Jan 1918, Hauman s n (BA); 25 Oct 1947, Schwarz 5029 (LIL); Iguazu, Jan 1922, Molftno s n (BA); Loreto, 16 Jul 1927, Burkart 1529 (BAA); 2 Nov 1930, Gruner 75 (BA); 3 Aug 1931, Perez Moreau 31/2102 (BA); Makako, 1 Nov 1945, Schwarz 1420 (LIL). WITHOUT EXACT LOCALITY: Hauman 287 (G, photo 8447, F).

From Mez 1935
12. D. Niederleinii Mez in Mart. Fl. Brasil. III. 3. (1894) 474.
Folia ignota. Vaginae scapales quam internodia permulto breviores, integerrimae, e suborbiculari anguste acu-minatae. Pannicula multiflora, pauciramosa, ramis 3-5 elongatis, glabris, flores dissitos gerentibus; bracteis florigeris ad 5 mm longis, suberectis, e latissime ovato manifeste acutis, glabris nitidisque, quam flores subsessiles permanifeste brevioribus. Flores 19 mm longi; sepalis glabris nitidisque, ad 8 mm longis, latissimis suborbicularibus, obtusis. Petala ad 15 mm longa, laminis obovato-suborbicularibus, apice rotundatis et paullo emarginatis, carinatis, undulatis, suberectis, stamina bene superantibus. Filamenta ultra tubum petaleo-stamineum perlonge (ad 6 mm) connata. Stylus brevis.
Argentina: Sierra de Sta. Ana bei Pelador (Niederlein n. 229 e.p.).

27. D. missionum Mez in Mart. Fl. Brasil. III. 3. (1894) 477.
Florifera metralis. Folia vix ultra 0,25 m longa, spinis ad 4 mm longis horrida, subtus perappresse lepidota pallida. Vaginae scapales quam internodia breviores, integerrimae, e late ovato longiuscule peracutae. Inflorescentia pauciramose panniculata, glaberrima; ramis tenuissimis, elongatis, perlaxe florigeris, suberectis; bracteis floralibus e latissime ovato manifeste acuminatis, ad 5 mm longis, nitidis, suberectis, quam flores multo brevioribus. Flores subsessiles, ad 17 mm longi; sepalis 5 mm longis, glabris nitidisque, suborbicularibus, rotundatis. Petala 15 mm longa, laminis subellipticis, apice obtusis emarginatisque, carinatis, undulatis, subpatentibus, quam stamina conspicue brevioribus. Filamenta ultra tubum petaleo-stamineum peralte connata. Stylus ovarium subaequans.
Argentina: Territorio Misiones, Sierra de Sta. Ana, beim Etabl. Primer Missionero (Niederlein n.229 e.p.), Sta. Ana (Rodriguez n.701, Llamas), Bonpland (Jorgensen n. 16, van de Venne. n. 1102), Loreto (Moreau n. 31/2102), Nacan-Guazu (Hauman n. 1103), Iguazu (Molfino n. 1100).

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