Deuterocairnia Lenny
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Deuterocairnia Lenny
Intergeneric Deuterocohnia brevifolia X Pitcairnia hartwigii by L.Summers.
Ian Hook, Sydney 07/09.

Ian Hook, Sydney 09/09.

Pitcairnia hartwigii ??? - Not a registered species !
Note comment from "Uncle Derek Says".
"In January 1999, Len Summers of Melbourne, Australia, harvested seed from Deuterocohnia brevifolia to which he had applied pollen from a Pitcairnia hartwigii but was not confident of success. The seed germinated and the resultant plants grew well until only three years later when, in January 2002, he got his first flower. Needless to say, he invited around all his Bromeliad mates to view the achievement. Photos were taken and information sent to me. It was decided to call the plant xDeuterocairnia 'Lenny', which I was quite happy with because the photograph clearly showed attributes from both genera. What did puzzle me was the Pitcairnia hartwigii, which was either incorrectly spelled or had not been described. I was informed that this plant had been found in Mexico by the late Eizi Matuda in the 1980s, and we are still trying to ascertain its correct name."
Updated 19/09/09