Was xCryptbergia Red Burst
Now xBiltanthus Red Burst

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xBiltanthus Red Burst
Intergeneric Cryptanthus x Billbergia
Cryptanthus bahianus x Billbergia nutans, by Mead - Smith/Read.
(Ed: xCryptbergia or xBiltanthus ?
- The first rule for making an intergeneric name out of two genus, is obviously something that rolls off the toungue relatively easily.
- An equually important rule is precedence - who coined and published the combination first.
For a long time xCryptbergia was used. But recently an overlooked scientific publication was re-discovered where xBiltanthus was coined many years earlier.
To acknowledge the original "inventer" of this combination, the name we now should use is xBiltanthus)

Ian Hook, Sydney 10/06.
Ian Hook, Sydney 11/08. Sold on eBay as Crypt. Lirico and raised as a Crypt, until flowered!

Updated 13/06/22