Cryptanthus White Lace
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Cryptanthus White Lace
BCR ... "Medium open oval w/12+ leaves in chartreuse green w/distinct silver and gold crossbanding - densely scaled beneath w/siver. See 'Spic 'N Span' for listing of other cultivars (Butcher1982, CSJ 7:1-p19ill; 10:2-BCill)."
(zonatus f. zonatus x sinuosus), Grace Goode <1982
Ian Hook, Sydney 10/03, from Tony Kowal Grafton.
Ian Hook, Sydney 05/04.
Ian Hook, Sydney 05/04, IH 2nd generation coming.
Ian Hook, Sydney 07/04, 2nd generation.
Ian Hook 10/05 The Olive Branch.
Vic Przetocki 03/23

Updated 19/03/23