xCanmea Galaxy
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xCanmea Galaxy
cv. of "Smokey" ?
There are several versions of parentage, or maybe several different plants with same name.
BSI Bromeliad Cultivar Registry (BCR) 1998 by Don Beadle, seems a likely consensus with
'Smokey' = Canistrum fosterianum x Aechmea chantinii by DeLeon.
'Galaxy' is a cv. of 'Smokey' selected by Bullis from tissue culture.
with "Smokey" colour true to name with heavy scurfing but with NO leaf markings, and "Galaxy" matte-bluish-green with BROWN MOTTLING.
FCBS also shows an albo-marginated form of Galaxy (as below).
Kerry McNicol, Sydney 04/10.

Updated 23/07/10