xCanmea Bert ??
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xCanmea Bert ?
Unregistered ? or wrongly labelled ?
Seems to have links to xCanmea Inci and FDTroll. Bought at BSA show 05/08 as xCanmea Bert, but I initially thought Aechmea Bert (orlandiana X fosteriana) - until it flowered !
Only registered plant with "Bert" as one parent is xCanmea Majo.
If anyone has any information, please contact webmaster.
Ian Hook, Sydney 05/06.
Ian Hook, Sydney 06/09.

Response from Peter Tristram -
xCanmea Inci can be ruled out, it is only 1/2 this size.
FDTroll is more tubular, redder and heavily marked.
If bigger and very stiff leaved, (which it is), it could be Canistrum Chocolat - (fcbs listed as a cv of fosterianum? by Peter Tristram). Peter notes that Chocolat could actually be an xCanmea rather than Canistrum.
Peter also notes that he had sold other plants as Canistrum fosterianum hybrids, all with good banding and orange/red/pink spikes, but none worth naming - it could be one of these.

So the mystery remains. My only other option is to purchase a "Chocolat" and grow/flower side-by-side.

It is also possible that this plant is xCanmea Majo.
Although Hummel describes "Long lasting pink cup of white flowers." While fcbs pjotos show a RED flower, and mine tending towards a "Chocolate" colour.
From fcbs ... "cv. of Canistrum fosterianum X Aechmea fosteriana, by Hummel - 15"-18" upright wide tube w/purple-brown barred markings on bronze background - Inflorescence similar to the Canistrum parent, red, floral shaped and compound but taller and rising several inches above the leaves - Hummel said, "Long lasting pink cup of white flowers" - See GolinskiVideo1997 for image."

Updated 22/06/09