Bromelia serra
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Bromelia serra
It is possible that most plants in Australia labelled B. balansae are actually B. serra.
See DD1209b for analysis of this mix-up.

Garry May.

Garry May, November 2009.
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From: Revista de la Sociedad Boliviana de Botanica 4(1): 51-65, 2003
The genus Bromelia (Bromeliaceae) in Bolivia with the description of two new species from the Santa Cruz department Roberto Vasquez & Pierre L. Ibisch

Bromelia serra GRISEB., Abh. Konigl. Ges. Wiss. Gottingen 24: 328. 1879.

TYPE: Argentina. Lorentz & Hieronymus s. n. (LT: GOET).

GEOGRAPHICAL RANGE: Bolivia, Paraguay y Argentina. In Bolivia: departments of Beni, Cochabamba, La Paz and Santa Cruz.

Plant terrestrial, to 50cm high.
Leaves 1-1.5m long, 3-5cm wide, with a serrate margin, with antrorse and retrorse, unciform spines; apical ones red at maturity.
Scape short. Bracts subfoliaceous, red.
Inflorescence capitate.
Flowers in short fascicles, 5-9 flowered.
Sepals free, 15 x 5mm, white.
Petals white with a violet band towards the apex, connate at base.
Anthers yellow.
Fruits yellow when ripe, edible. Fig. 7.

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HABITAT: The Bromelia species with the widest distribution. It is found in lowland dry forests, as well as in dry to semihumid inter-Andean valleys and the montane Chaco and the Tucumano-Bolivian forest, from 150m to 1400m.

OBSERVATIONS: As in B. hieronymi, the young stems are consumed by the indigenous people of the Gran Chaco. In the quechua-speaking areas the plant is known as "chaguar" while in "guarani dominated" areas the species is called “caraguata” or "garabata" (ARENAS & ARROYO 1988).

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