Billbergia tessmannii
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Billbergia tessmannii
Species, Peru.
Linda Wilkes 05/21 ex. Kerry Tate
Linda Wilkes 05/21 ex. Kerry Tate

Billbergia tessmannii Harms, Notizbl. Bot. Gart. Berlin 10: 177. 1927.
Desc from S&D
Leaves to 1 m long;
Blades ligulate, acuminate, 40-65 mm wide, finely spinulose-serrate.
Scape elongate, white-farinose;
Scape-bracts lance-oblong, acute, 15 cm long, membranaceous, carmine, massed below the inflorescence.
Inflorescence simple, cylindric, 2 dm long, many-flowered, white-farinose.
Floral bracts mostly deltoid, almost aborted, 2-3 mm long.
Sepals linear-lanceolate, 35-40 mm long;
Petals linear; style slender, to 12 cm long;
Ovary turbinate; epigynous.
Type. Tessmann 5318 (holotype, B; photo F 11343), Soledad, lower Rio Itaya, Loreto, Peru, Ju11925
Distribution. Epiphytic, rainforest, 100 m alt, northeastern Peru.
PERU. Loreto: Mishuyacu, Iquitos, May 1930, Klug 1324 (F, US).

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