Billbergia stenopetala
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Billbergia stenopetala

Linda Wilkes 09/23
Linda Wilkes ... "We were starting to think we would never flower this Billbergia, then this. As per tag - 'large, white clone collected by E. Paterson (Texas) and Mulford Foster in Peru'. From Kerry Tate November 2014."
Greg Aizlewood ... "Looks like B. stenopetala from Grant Groves in Florida too."

Billbergia stenopetala Harms, Notizbl. Bot. Gart. Berlin 9: 1153. 1927.
Desc from S&D
Leaves to 90cm or longer;
Blades ligulate, acuminate, laxly spinose-serrate.
Scape rather stout, over 30cm long, white-farinose;
Scape-bracts imbricate, broadly lanceolate, lance-oblong or lance-ovate, gradually acuminate (?), 15-18cm long, 3-4cm wide, entire.
Inflorescence densely cylindric, 40cm long, white-farinose except the petals.
Floral bracts lanceolate, acuminate, the lower 30-35mm long, the upper 10-15mm long; Flowers sessile, ca 9cm long.
Sepals subequal, triangular-lanceolate, attenuate, 17-20mm long; 6-7mm wide;
Petals linear, attenuate, 80-85mm long, pale green (?);
Ovary turbinate with the epigynous tube still wider and almost as long, lightly sulcate.
Type. Tessmann 3060 (holotype, B; photo F 11344), on trees in rainforest, mouth of Rio Capanahua, central Rio Blanco, Loreto, Peru, Jul 1923.
Distribution. Known from the type collection only.

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