Billbergia Perriam's Pride
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Billbergia Perriam's Pride
From BCR ... "Sport of distachia var. straussiana with stable fine variegation/margination - - Pink overall with pink/red markings in strong light. Arching shell pink-bracted inflorescence with flowers wholly green and sepals blue at apex. Differs from B. 'Louise' by being shorter, fatter, more stable and without the soft white spotting of B. 'Louise'. This entry amended 7/2014.
Perrium, SA <1986"
*Ed... Also looks similar to B. Santa Barbara but Santa Barbara has green petals with blue edge, rather than all green.
Note - The degree of variegation of Perrium's Pride can vary greatly from leaf to leaf.
Ian Hook, Sydney 03/07 ex. Gordon Ramsey
Vic Przetocki 07/20

Updated 01/08/20