xAechopsis Angeline
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xAechopsis Angeline
Bigeneric cv. of Canistropsis billbergioides X Aechmea fasciata(?) by Kent(?)
Ian Hook 01/13.

xAechopsis ‘Angeline’
Shown in the BCR as either ‘Angeline’ or ‘Angellina’ this came to Australia in the 1980’s as Nidularium billbergioides ‘citrinum angelina’ which caused heads to be shaken when it flowered! Clearly it was a bigeneric of sorts and it was eventually discovered from Corn Bak that Aechmea fasciata was involved. The name had its origins at Kent’s Bromeliad Nursery in California because in their 1979 catalogue we read Nidularium billbergioides ‘Citrinum’ cv. ‘Angellina’ ‘Variegata’ at US$75. At this price one can only assume there were not many plants in existence! It was then called xNidumea ‘Angeline’.
When Nidularium billbergioides became a Canistropsis the bigeneric name xAechopsis was used.
It is interesting that the variegation is clearly seen in the inflorescence.

Updated 16/03/17