Aechmea incompta
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Aechmea incompta
Species, Brazil.
Michael Pascall, Tully.
From M.Pascall...
"I have some pictures of this species in flower .. it has been grown for many years at Peter Sargents, Whyanbeel Arboretum.
He got it from June Bennet, who either collected it in habitat, or imported it from a nursery in USA.
I tried for years to get an ID on it, but without a flower it was near impossible. I sent plants to Vic, NSW, SA even NZ.
But never heard back from anyone about a flower. I even tried the apple in a bag trick.
Finally a year or so ago, one flowered, but it had the experts stumped .. Uncle derek thought it could be a var. of Ae. lingulata froesii.
I even listed it on eBay and sold some with that name, but then Geoff Lawn got a picture on FCBS of the same plant, named Aechmea incompta.

Updated 10/09/07