Aechmea gamosepala
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Aechmea gamosepala
See also "Lucky Stripes" for variegated variety.
See The Hybrid Detective 11/11b: ... for notes on the gamosepala group.
Ian Hook 06/02, Sydney.
Ian Hook 06/03, owned by Marius Hohl.
Ian Hook 08/04, finished berries.
Type from S&D. Note inflorescence much different to what we are used to.

Aechmea Ruby Red
Unregistered variety in several collections as gamosepala rubra, "collected Brazil, M. McNamarra", but it has a different leaf shape, spines, tips and growth habit to the more common gamosepala.
Comment from Derek Butcher (2007)....
"This plant has been wandering around NSW for years and seems no different to what we normally think of a A. gamosepala. So 'Rubra' is just a nurseryman's name and is a favourite word that occurs in many a catalogue. It may have been better to call it 'Discolor' but that didn't happen. Interestingly one of the original drawings shows the under part of the leaf darker than the upper. Is this why the description in Smith and Downs does not specify the colour of the leaf blade ?"
Registered 11/2011 as 'Ruby Red' by Ross Little. See DD1111.
Photo Richard Harper 12/07.
Photo & plant, Nina Rehak 11/11.

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