Aechmea Xavante
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Aechmea Xavante
cv of Aechmea nudicaulis, by Bromeliario Imperialis.
Was called Aechmea nudicaulis forma Rubra
Ian Hook 05/06.
Ian Hook 12/09.
From January meeting of Bromeliad Society of South Australia, Derek Butcher.
(See S.A. Gazette 32/02)
"Not on the cultivar list was Aechmea nudicaulis var. rubra, yet another nurseryman’s name which is known for its red vertical stripes which sometimes merge into totally red in good light. I did not like such a great plant being in limbo-land, so in collaboration with the Brazilians we came up with ‘Xavante’. This is one of the larger tribes of aboriginal Brazilians who paint themselves red for some reason or another. So whenever you come across var. rubra and the plant has red lines please change the name to ‘Xavante’ – pronounce it as you will !"

Updated 17/12/09