Aechmea Stefanie
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Aechmea Stefanie
Unknown parentage by Duraflor, Deroose.
= Ae. Felicia ?
Peter Tristram. 06/06
Note from Derek Butcher, BSI plant registrar. 06/06.
"There is a hybrid Aechmea circulating Australia through supermarkets and others by the number 491. In fact it is the plant illustrated on the front cover of the March/April 2004 issue of ‘Bromeliaceae’. There is a strong feeling that this plant is ‘Stefanie’(yet another spineless Aechmea hybrid) and a quick check of its photo in the Bromeliad Cultivar Register should give you food for thought. The problem is that Deroose in Europe would have quality control to ensure similar looking plants being offered for sale. This is something not practiced in Australia so some will not look like ‘Stefanie’ even though they have the number 491. It would be great if the supplier did mend his ways but at least you have been warned."

Ed. - Please also refer to the notes accompanying Ae. Felicia.

Updated 03/07/11