Aechmea Sangria Blanco
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Aechmea Sangria Blanco
BCR ... "Mature open rosette to 50cm. diameter x 50 cm. tall in bloom. In strong light, greenish wine red leaves, redder on the reverse and cross-banded silver with white margins tinged pink. Long-lasting, erect inflorescence is a typical Aechmea fasciata type with thistle-like pink bracts and cornflower blue flowers which age to red. A vegetative sport off Aechmea 'Sangria' which is thought to have been imported from Brazilian nurseryman Roberto Menescal by Florida grower Wally Berg (advice from D Cathcart--Tropiflora Nursery). "Sangria" is a red wine, but means "blood-letting" in Portuguese whilst "Blanco" means "white", hence the cultivar name. Fasciata Group. Reg. Doc. 1/2017 by G.Lawn/R.Little. Country of origin Brazil, <1995."
Sport of Aechmea 'Sangria' (a wild collected cultivar of fasciata v. purpurea)
Anna Ernst 01/22

Updated 10/01/21