Aechmea Rajah
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Aechmea Rajah
... " - Illustration shows dealbata? fasciata? background to hybrid?
Kramer said, "A tubular pale green upright rosette to 30 in w/erect flower spike - pale orange bracts and yellow flowers"
GoldenLake said, "Tall, dark and decorative" Bromeliad Treasury 1981 said, "A large vase shaped rosette of recurved discolor leaves 4" wide and 20" long - underleaf is rich maroon - the inflorescence is borne on a 24" stem and is a panicle w/rose colored flowers".
See also 'Bastantha', 'Candy Corn', 'Electrica', and 'Popcorn'.
HumCat, BSI-ICBH-1979; BirdRock 95, DeLeonCat1981, BromKramer 53+ill, KentCat1972, GolinskiVideo1997
cv. of unknown parentage, Hummel <1970"
Similar to Ae. Popcorn. Has been sold as Polyantha.
Ken Woods.
Ian Hook 04/04, BSA sales. Hybrid green/brown leaves, spectacular red flower followed by black berries, semi-shade, pups well after flower.
Ian Hook, Sydney 01/07. Sold as Polyantha in 04/04.

Ian Hook 12/23 'Candy Corn' ('Popcorn' at back)
Ian Hook 12/23 'Popcorn' ('Candy Corn' at back)
Ian Hook 12/23 'Rajah'

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