Aechmea Philippa
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Aechmea Philippa
Hybrid with links to Aechmea recurvata, only recently registered.
In Derek Butcher's words.... "There was also an Aechmea filicaulis F2 which Bill Treloar is still nurturing after so many years (must be nigh on 30 years) when most of us threw this plant out when we realised it has nothing to do with A. filicaulis but a hybrid with links to A. recurvata. At least we can say that Bill is consistent and as such this plant will be officially named ‘Philippa‘ so it can be recorded. This is the one that Bill says has pink petals and Margaret says pale lilac. This means that we can use ‘Phil’ for the one that Bill says has blue petals (blue for a boy) when it eventually gets its photo taken!"
Photos by Derek Butcher.

Updated 02/11/05