Aechmea MEND or Alvarez or Rodco etc ?
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Aechmea Alvarez cv. of lueddemanniana from wild collection.
Tropiflora said, "Slow growing and has a mediopicta variegation - a broad stripe of pinkish orange up the center of each leaf when grown in bright light" - From observation, a variegated upright rosette w/green margins and lineations within the white center - glazed in intense red-orange overall in good light.

Aechmea MEND cv. of lueddemanniana
Name is derived from (M)Mildred Merkel, (E)Edward Ensign who sowed the seed, (N)Julian Nally who gave the seed to Ensign, and (D)in memory of Ralph Davis - Albo-marginated in white becoming bright pink-red in good light - hardy and attractive - long lasting first white then shiny purple berries - seedling mutation - open vase-shaped rosette to 18" tall and 24" wide.

Aechmea Pinkie cv. of lueddemanniana with appropriate pink tones?

Aechmea Rodco cv. of lueddemanniana
Herb Krouse said this is import from Japan before 1978 - Patterned opposite of 'Alvarez' w/margins in clear white w/some lineation in the green centers - suffused in glowing hot pink in most cultural conditions.
Thelma O'Reilly said, "Origin was the Rod McClelland Nursery organization in San Diego in the early 70's - 'Rodco' has wider marginations and some pink lineation to the leaves - occurs also in reversed variegation as 'Rodco Inverta' which would be similar to 'Alvarez' but with greener greens and brighter pinks".

Aechmea Rodco Inverta cv. of lueddemanniana
Named by persons unknown, the reverse variegations to 'Rodco'.

Ken Woods. Labelled Mend (inverted).
Ian Hook 01/10 Anchorage Caravan Park, Iluka. Unlabelled.

Ian Hook 01/10 Anchorage Caravan Park, Iluka. Unlabelled.
Ian Hook 04/10 from Joyce Thomas as MEND.

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