Aechmea Gympie Gold
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Aechmea Gympie Gold
gamosepala x caudata v. variegata, Margaret Paterson 1985
From BCR ..."Medium lax leafed green rosette similar to the gamosepala parent but larger - inflorescence semi-erect sometimes branched at base - pink sepals and yellow flowers - Tropiflora said, "An upright somewhat tubular rosette w/a grey cast - grows to 20" tall - the inflorescence is a combination of the parents w/simple or few branched spikes and sessile yellow flowers - prolific and appears cold hardy in Florida". Country of origin: Qld, Australia"
Derek Butcher
Peter Franklin
Ian Hook ... "Geoff: The registration for Ae. Gympie Gold has just caught my eye.
Many years ago I picked up a 'weird' gamosepala from an old collector in Sydney which probably goes back to the '60's or '70's I never had a name to it, closest picture I could find was Ae. kertesziae.
It is a definite red with yellow petals and rarely branched at base for me. Exactly like the BCR first 2 kertesziae pictures, but not so much like the fuller and drooping and pink and caudata like last 2 photos.
Do you think it's just a spread of plants all captured by 'Gympie Gold' ? Did Margaret develop it in 1985 or just name something that has been around for a while ?"
Geoff Lawn ... "The BCR used to be on, so comparing their photos, I found out the first 2 images are by Peter Franklin (from Hunter Valley). The second pair of pics are by W (Bill) Paterson, so you would think the breeder's husband would get it right. Yes, there seems to be a bit of variation, but remember that prior to 1995 all grex siblings took the same name, regardless of their differences. Both Derek & Peter Franklin did a study on these types under sub-genus Ortgiesia, so I have included Derek here for comment. I would say Margaret Paterson deliberately bred this cross in 1985, registered it in 1990, so it's not just named from some unidentified cross around in collections at the time."
Derek Butcher ... "I think it more a case of age of photos, This was one of Aussie hybrids actually registered in the USA . From memory I believe it was done by her boys! Colour of sepals does seem to take on different hues in Ortgiesia and to link a name to an unnamed plant is difficult. Don't forget the reference to kertesziae."
(Photo note: M.Paterson hybrid. Note similar to Ae. kertesziae but flowering from base to top and ovary/sepal scattered lepidote. A feature of Ae. caudata although not in description.)

Plant formerley on this web site as Aechmea kertesziae.
From Derek Butcher.
Ian Hook 06/07.

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