Aechmea Forget Me Not
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Aechmea Forget Me Not
Sport of Ae. caudata ?
Aechmea ‘Forget Me Not’ summary by Derek Butcher Jan 2017
In 1953 Mulford Foster named Aechmea caudata var. variegata and at that time he was aware that his plant was the same as that being offered for sale in Europe as either Billbergia forgetii or Aechmea forgetii.
In 1979, in Flora Neotropica , Smith & Downs treated Billbergia forgetiana as a possible synonym of Aechmea lindenii var makoyana, (The species is now known as A. comata.)

Aechmea comata var makoyana has already been transferred to the cultivar name of ‘Makoyana’ and for the same reasons we should treat Aechmea caudata var. variegata as Aechmea ‘Forget Me Not’. It is a variegate and has origins in cultivation and is not accepted in The World Checklist of Selected Plant Families.

What I find interesting is that this was treated in synonymy with two different species. I would agree with Foster and link this variegate with A. caudata. From my observations, this sporting to variegation of this variable species seems to have occurred on other occasions over the past 50 years, not only with different variegations but width of leaf.

Aechmea Forget Me Not
Was Aechmea caudata var. variegata
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