Aechmea Flame
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Aechmea Flame
Original notes on this page read ... "cv. of recurvata, Hummel <1986, plant shown is unlikely to be correct. Sold on e Bay & others as "Flame" but does not look like a cv. recurvata."

In 2015 the originally listed "Flame" has now been renamed in the Bromeliad Cultivar Registry as Ae. 'Hummel's Flame'
From BCR ... "Mature, upright rosette to 50cms. diameter x 30cms. tall. Glossy, arching, pliant green leaves, maroon reverse with few spines. In strong, filtered light, foliage obverse can turn dark pink. Erect branched spike to 50cms. tall with high-angled branches of yellow-flowered, ovoid-shaped, coral orange / red berries, which age to burnished orange / red. Breeder and parentage are unrecorded. Imported by the Olive Branch nursery, Brisbane, ex U.S.A. circa 2000 under this name Ae. 'Flame'. Not to be confused with Ae. 'Hummel's Flame'.(renamed). "

Ian Hook 06/13. Extremely bright red/orange.

Ian -> Derek 23/06/13. Has this Aechmea Flame passed by your way ? fcbs has no mention, BCR has no pics but says "cv recurvata". I think it's an invention on eBay etc using same name.
Derek -> Ian/ 24/06/13. Um! I think it is either Mild Chilli or Burning Bush. I have written to Garden Clinic!
Geoff Lawn -> Olive Trevor 24/06/13 Hello Olive, Can you look at the Aechmea pictured on the link below--Brom Soc. of Aust website. Is it the same that you have sold for years as Ae. 'Flame' ? (no link to the BCR entry as Ae. recurvata cultivar called 'Flame'). I think It's just another import of yours I have to sort out--where did it come from and who named it ? Do you know the breeder and its parentage ? It's certainly not 'Burning Bush' (green foliage only & blue petals with rounder, denser, bright RED ovaries) nor Ae. Mild Chilli ( bi-coloured leaves and denser branching/berries with yellow petals). Olive -> Geoff Lawn 24/06/13 Hi Geoff. Interesting you should mention this plant as it was discussed at the Gold Coast Society on Saturday. Imported by Bob Larnach. Don't know if he named it or not but I had it here commercially for some years and even had special labels printed for it. But had a lot of damage from the cold so discontinued doing this in favour of Burning Bush. Nothing like Burning Bush but similar to Mild Chilli. That's about all I can help you with Geoff.
Geoff Lawn -> Ian/Derek 24/06/13 Hello Ian & Derek. Olive's reply below. I'll make further enquiries.
Derek -> Ian 24/06/13. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. To think that it has been around for years without anyone querying. For what it is worth I have asked Garden Clinic to keep their eyes open for similar discrepancies. Let us hope that Geoff can bring this to rest.

Updated 02/04/18