Aechmea Flame
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Aechmea Flame
Original notes on this page read ... "cv. of recurvata, Hummel <1986, plant shown is unlikely to be correct. Sold on e Bay & others as "Flame" but does not look like a cv. recurvata."
In 2015 the originally listed "Flame" was renamed in the Bromeliad Cultivar Registry as Ae. 'Hummel's Flame'

From BCR ... "'Flame' - Mature, upright rosette to 50cms. diameter x 30cms. tall. Glossy, arching, pliant green leaves, maroon reverse with few spines. In strong, filtered light, foliage obverse can turn dark pink. Erect branched spike to 50cms. tall with high-angled branches of yellow-flowered, ovoid-shaped, coral orange / red berries, which age to burnished orange / red. Breeder and parentage are unrecorded. (Imported by Bob Larnach, distributed by The Olive Branch nursery, Brisbane), ex U.S.A. circa 2000 under this name Ae. 'Flame'. Not to be confused with Ae. 'Hummel's Flame'(renamed)."
Unknown parentage ex. USA ~2000. Originally imported by Bob Larnach?

Ian Hook 06/13. Extremely bright red/orange.
Ian Hook 09/21

Ian Hook 23/06/13 ... "Derek Butcher: Has this Aechmea Flame passed by your way ? fcbs has no mention, BCR has no pics but says "cv recurvata". I think it's an invention on eBay etc using same name."
Derek Butcher ... "Um! I think it is either Mild Chilli or Burning Bush. I have written to Garden Clinic!"
Geoff Lawn to Olive Trevor 24/06/13 ... "Hello Olive. Can you look at the Aechmea pictured on the link below--Brom Soc. of Aust website. Is it the same that you have sold for years as Ae. 'Flame' ? (no link to the BCR entry as Ae. recurvata cultivar called 'Flame'). I think It's just another import of yours I have to sort out--where did it come from and who named it ? Do you know the breeder and its parentage ? It's certainly not 'Burning Bush' (green foliage only & blue petals with rounder, denser, bright RED ovaries) nor Ae. Mild Chilli (bi-coloured leaves and denser branching/berries with yellow petals)."
Olive Trevor ... "Hi Geoff. Interesting you should mention this plant as it was discussed at the Gold Coast Society on Saturday. Imported by Bob Larnach. Don't know if he named it or not but I had it here commercially for some years and even had special labels printed for it. But had a lot of damage from the cold so discontinued doing this in favour of Burning Bush. Nothing like Burning Bush but similar to Mild Chilli. That's about all I can help you with Geoff."
Geoff Lawn ... "Hello Ian & Derek. Note Olive's reply below. I'll make further enquiries."
Derek ... "Ian, thanks for bringing this to our attention. To think that it has been around for years without anyone querying. For what it is worth I have asked Garden Clinic to keep their eyes open for similar discrepancies. Let us hope that Geoff can bring this to rest."

Updated 13/09/21