Aechmea Covata Too
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Aechmea Covata Too and Covata
Aechmea ‘Covata Too’ = Aechmea comata x Aechmea recurvata v. ortgiesii or v. benrathii
= original cross with inflorescence nestled in the leaf rosette.

Aechmea ‘Covata’ = Aechmea comata x Aechmea recurvata v. recurvata
= Later cross, that became more popular in California.

Covata Too
Peter Franklin
Pamela Koide
Ken Woods
Richard Harper
Covata Too. Ian Hook 10/07.(was Unknown#36)
Covata Too. Ian Hook 05/08.
Covata Too. Ian Hook 06/08.
Extract from S.A. Gazette 31/05, from Derek Butcher:
".... First was Aechmea ‘Covata Too’ which has an interesting history that new members might like to know about and which older serving members have forgotten. Over 20 years ago some Californian crossed Aechmea recurvata v ortgiesii or var. benrathii with Aechmea comata and cleverly named it Aechmea ‘Covata’ and in 1982 I proudly brought back a plant to Adelaide. Meanwhile, also in California someone had crossed Aechmea recurvata v. recurvata with Aechmea comata and cleverly named it Aechmea ‘Covata’ too! The problem here was that the first hybrid has an inflorescence nestled in the leaf rosette and the second hybrid had an inflorescence well exceeding the leaf rosette. On enquiry in the late 1990’s nobody in California had the ‘Covata’ with the sunken inflorescence but everybody seemed to be growing the one with the emergent flower head possibly because Pam Koide was selling it. I knew that the Californians would never change the name so the Adelaide version got named ‘Covata Too’. Not very subtle I admit but at least a solution. Apart from our own Keith Bradtberg producing ‘Keith’s Comet’ this particular parentage has been tried by other hybridists without registering, to add to the confusion."
See also "Uncle Derek Says" on fcbs site.

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