Aechmea Blush
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Aechmea Blush
cv. of recurvata ?
Joe De Gabriel 2nd Class 1, BSA Show 09/11. Photo Terry Davis.
From BSI Cultivar Registry...
"Named by persons unknown in Queensland, Aust. . Name registered because the plant is widespread under this name. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it has links to a Grace Goode crossing in the 1980’s using A. recurvata and A. orlandiana and thus links with ‘Big Ben’ and ‘Big Beauty’. It would appear in this case that it was a selfing, not a hybrid because it breeds true from seed. There is another problem with its similarity to ‘Cardinalis’ which is another name given by Australians to a select form of A. recurvata even though there was no link to the Hummel clone. Plant 250 mm across x 170 mm high with spike. Reg Doc by Ross Little 2/2011. Recurvata Group."

Updated 08/07/12