Aechmea Blue Wheat
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Aechmea Blue Wheat
cv. of unknown parentage.
Photos by Peter Franklin.

Thank you to Derek Butcher for a brief history of this plant at The Bromeliad Society of South Australia, September 2005 meeting.....

"There was one plant that George Rudolph brought in that he had been growing epiphytically. We felt sure it was the hybrid ‘Blue Wheat’ which has an interesting history. It came to Adelaide originally as Aechmea triticina but when it flowered questions were asked ! It was clearly an Ortgiesia of sorts and not in the subgenus Pothuava. The inflorescence was like an ear of Wheat just as triticina means. It was someone’s blue in identifying it this way and the flowers were blue. So what better name than ‘Blue Wheat’! "

Updated 02/11/05