Aechmea Bill's Folly
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Aechmea Bill's Folly
Parentage notes by Derek Butcher.
"This all goes back to the dim and distant past when Bill Treloar used to get plants from Olwen Ferris. He was really proud of his Aechmea nallyi which Olwen said was extra vigorous because she had grown it from self-set seed. The problem was that Bill was unaware that at that time no Aechmea nallyi had ever visited Australia and that Olwen’s plant was really an Aechmea hybrid that eventually got called ‘Julian Nally’. Bill's seedling however was neither Aechmea nallyi nor Aechmea ‘Julian Nally’ but something else. It has now been registered as Aechmea Bill's Folly."
Plant from George Rudolph. Photo by Derek Butcher.

Updated 20/08/05