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DD0715 Tillandsia capillaris
Derek Butcher, 29/07/15

Tillandsia nutters who are interested in the littlies....
Yes, the best things come wrapped in little parcels and I have always been fascinated in this Diaphoranthema group. The DVD contains much of the work of Walter Till who got his doctorate in 1984 when investigating this complex. He even sent me some plants for my collection and some of you are growing offsets from me. Many botanists do not have access to this DVD material and generally follow Smith & Downs.
It was with great surprise when me mate Oscar from Rio sent me the enclosed, published 2 years ago. It does show botany is never ending and only Argentinian material has been looked at. We know that this was the stamping ground for Chris Larson so many years go and the key given may help the inquisitive ones.

Click HERE for a 'PhytoKeys' research Article by Lucía V. Castello & Leonardo Galetto.
"How many taxa can be recognized within the complex Tillandsia capillaris (Bromeliaceae, Tillandsioideae)?
Analysis of the available classifications using a multivariate approach."

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