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DD0705 Vriesea Jeanie
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Vriesea Jeanie Vr. Van Ackeri X Vr. Brentwood by John Arden.
Notes from Derek Butcher (See also DD0906).

This is a John Arden hybrid whose parents are ‘Van Ackeri’ x ‘Brentwood’. This is a complicated hybrid if you want to chase all the generations involved. However, this particular hybrid has a branched inflorescence that resembles the seed parent. The leaves have large areas of deep maroon especially near the base. There is a plant circulating in Queensland and now elsewhere that has leaves like ‘Jeanie’ but has a simple spike that resembles Vriesea erythrodactylon. When our plant of this name flowered we were worried about its identity and sent a photograph to John Arden for his comments. He did not recognise it as being any of his hybrids and was not able to help us. This is either a case of wrong identification or a hybrid done and no attempt made to register the name. I have taken the liberty of changing the name to ‘Jeanie’s Feather’ (a minimal change). If you do have this plant would you please change its name. If you know any history or parentage of this cultivar, please advise and the records can be updated.
Jeanie registered by John Arden
Renamed Qld hybrid, Jeanie's Feather, by Franc Hancock (Coff's Harbour).

See also DD0906.

Updated 25/06/06