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Results of 2008 Autumn Show.
Competition Winners.

Once again our Autumn Show was a great success.
The setup went smoothly, thanks to all the volunteers.
The crowds were large but manegable thanks again to all who assisted in the smooth operating for both days.
There was a record number of entrants in the competitions, both Novice and Open. In fact we had to quickly get extra tables just to hold them !
The visitor numbers were maintained at higher than normal levels for both days, right to closing time!

Autumn Show Competition 2008.
Prizes :
Grand Champion - BSA Biannual Trophy and prize money of $30
Reserve Champion - Biannual Trophy and prize money of $20
Novice Champion - Biannual Trophy and individual Trophy
Best Species - Biannual Trophy and individual Trophy
Class Winners - Certificates and prize money. 1st-$10, 2nd-$7, 3rd-$5

* Plants in RED, are unregistered names.

Pot of Aechmea
1stJohn CornaleAechmea Ensign
2ndJoe MicallefAechmea Rainbow
3rdCarolyn BunnellAechmea Costa Rica
Billbergia Specimen
1stRobyn FirthBillbergia Hallelujah
2ndDeborah HurstBillbergia Ralph Graham French
3rdAileen RobsonBillbergia Carioca
Billbergia Colony
1stCarolyn BunnellBillbergia Fascinator
2ndEilleen BennettBillbergia Hallelujah
3rdRobyn FirthBillbergia Rosea
Pot of Cryptanthus
1stDeborah HurstCryptanthus Glad
2ndRobyn FirthCryptanthus bivittatus Major
3rdRobyn FirthCryptanthus Red Magic
Neoregelia Species
1stTerence DavisNeoregelia pauciflora
2ndDeborah HurstNeoregelia lilliputiana
Miniature Neoregelia
1stR & D CornaleNeoregelia One & Only
2ndCarolyn BunnellNeoregelia 40 Winks
3rdCarolyn BunnellNeoregelia Golden Jewels
Nidularium / Canistropsis
1stCarolyn BunnellNidularium innocentii
2ndRobyn FirthNidularium fulgens
3rdJ & J TownsendNidularium Legrie
Tillandsia – Without Spike
1stR & D CornaleTillandsia fasciculata v. clavispica
2ndCarolyn BunnellTillandsia ionantha hybrid
3rdRobyn FirthTillandsia complanata
Tillandsia – In Spike
1stTerence DavisTillandsia gardneri
2ndJohn CornaleTillandsia cacticola
3rdDawn WilliamsTillandsia Eric Knobloch
Tillandsia Colony
1stCarolyn BunnellTillandsia caerulea
2ndCarolyn BunnellTillandsia lindenii
3rdRobyn FirthTillandsia stricta
1stRobyn FirthVriesea platynema variegata hybrid
2ndCarolyn BunnellVriesea platynema x Red Chestnut
3rdOwen HeapsVriesea platynema x saundersii
Pot of Other Genera
1stRon FarrugiaDeuterocohnia brevifolia ssp. chlorantha
2ndR & D CornaleQuesnelia marmorata Tim Plowman
3rdRobyn FirthDeuterocohnia brevifolia
Pot of Intergeneric
1stL & I HopeNeophytum Galactic Warrior
2ndDeborah HurstNeomea Solar Flare
Foliage Bromeliad
1stR & D CornaleNeoregelia Blushing Tiger
2ndCarolyn BunnellNeoregelia Painted Delight
3rdJ & J TownsendVriesea White Bands
Variegated Bromeliad
1stR & D CornaleNeoregelia Enchantment variegata
2ndRobyn FirthNeoregelia Predatress
3rdR & D CornaleNeoregelia Red Glow
Mounted Bromeliad
1stDawn WilliamsTillandsia stricta
2ndDawn WilliamsTillandsia streptophylla
3rdJasmine WareTillandsia butzii
1stTerence DavisTillandsai xerographica
2ndJoe MicallefNeoregelia Garnish
3rdRobyn FirthAechmea Ensign
Dyckia / Hechtia
1stJoe MicallefDyckia fosteriana
2ndJoe MicallefDyckia Warren
3rdRobyn FirthDyckia fosteriana hybrid
Terrestrial Bromeliad
1stDeborah HurstDeuterocohnia brevifolia
2ndAnne BrayDeuterocohnia brevifolia ssp chlorantha
Pot of Neoregelia – Hybrid
1stJoe MicallefNeoregelia Zoe
2ndCarolyn BunnellNeoregelia Lambert’s Pride
3rdJ & J TownsendNeoregelia Shelldance
Grand Champion of Show
.John CornaleAechmea Ensign
Reserve Champion
.Robyn FirthVriesea platynema variegata hybrid
Novice Champion
.Terence DavisTillandsia xerographica
Best Species in Show
.R & D CornaleTillandsia fasciculata var clavispica

Updated 11/06/08