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Book errata.
Many thanks to Derek Butcher for compiling these lists.
If anyone finds other errors, please contact the BSA.

Growing Bromeliads Aust 3rd Ed from BSA - Photograph errata.
21. Ananas comosus not cosmosus
31. Cryptanthus ‘Pink Starlite’ not ‘Pink Starlight’
46. Neoregelia ‘Punctate’ not punctatissima
61. Nidularium ‘Leprosa’ not ‘Spotty’
80. Vriesea ensiformis hybrid not true V. ensiformis
88. Vriesea (‘Charlotte’ x philippo-coburgii) not ‘Charlotte’. Now registered as ‘Little Phil’
89. Needs to be investigated. Registered by K Woods as a simple inflorescence
92. Tillandsia ‘Kandanga’ not registered
98. xGuzvriesea ‘John Buchanan’ not formula
99. xVrieslandsia ‘Inca Chief’ instead of formula
101. Fosterella latifolia not F. villosula
Page 4. Thanks also for the dedication of Editors Barry and Joan Williams

Blooming Bromeliads by Baensch
A great book but because this may be used as a reference book you should note the following.
page 50 Aechmea nudicaulis var aequalis A difficult variety to identify. Inflorescence too lax when compared to herbarium specimen
page 63 Aechmea pimenti-velosoi var glabra is ‘Pie’
page 65 Aechmea chlorophylla is lamarchei
page 65 Aechmea lamarchei is maculata
page 69 Aechmea “seideliana” is warasii
page 71 Aechmea triticina var triticina is guarapariensis, is now roberto-seidelii
page 71 Aechmea triticina var capensis is pineliana
page 73 Aechmea caudata v eipperi is organensis
page 73 Aechmea pseudonudicaulis is an apocalyptica form
page 84 Billbergia ‘Collevii’ is amoena
page 87 Billbergia kuhlmannii is brasiliensis sensu Luther
page 87 Billbergia pallidiflora is meyeri
page 110 Hohenbergia catingae var elongata. The var. is suspect because the ultimate branches are not really elongated.
page 150 Aechmea polyantha is Aechmea egleriana
page 150 Aechmea meeana is Aechmea polyantha
page 159 Fosterella villosula is prob. F. latifolia
page 213 Tillandsia chiletensis is lorentziana
page 224 Vriesea ‘Nova’ is Vriesea gigantea var. seideliana
page 224 Vriesea philippo-coburgii is probably reitzii
page 228 Vriesea ‘Deutscher Zwerg’ incorrect
page 232 Vriesea carinata is probably ‘Mariae’

Updated 29/05/09