ABC - Gardening Australia Live.
2nd to 5th September 2004. Olympic Park, Homebush Bay.
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This year the Bromeliad Society of Australia was awarded a silver medal for their display. A good supply of members took turn in looking after the stand and fielding enquiries.
Saturday was very busy, Sunday was quieter. On Sunday a welcomed down-pour hit the Showgrounds, together with a thick but short lived layer of hail which sent everyone indoors.
There were many more Bromeliad outlets this year, demonstrating their current popularity. It was also quite noticeable that far fewer people were asking "What is a Bromeliad ?"
The Bromeliad Society of Australia display.
IKH 09/04, BSA-ABC display. IKH 09/04, BSA-ABC display. IKH 09/04, thanks again to the trusty BSA Arch.

Noteworthy floral displays of Guzmania Hybrids at The Olive Branch display beside the BSA stand.
IKH 09/04, Guzmania display. IKH 09/04, Guzmania display.

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