The Bromeliad Society of Australia Inc.
Application for New Membership
Renewal of Annual Subscriptions

New members are required to pay a joining fee of A$5.00 as well as the annual subscription rate.

The Annual Subscription Rates are:

(Please note: Members who join between October 1st and December 31st are covered for the next year.)

Joining Fee

- A$15.00 if you live in New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines (Asia/Pacific Zone)
- A$20.00 if you live in Europe, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA (Rest of the World Zone.)

Please complete the form below to confirm your membership details and return it with your subscription payment/payment advice (e.g. Bankcard, Mastercard or Visa). This will allow us to update our records where necessary. Once again, please note that overseas members must include the relevant airmail postal costs with their subscription.

Printable .pdf version of this form - CLICK HERE

Return form with payment to:
The Secretary, The Bromeliad Society of Australia Inc.
P.O.Box 340, Ryde, NSW 2112, Australia.

Given name(s): Surname: Mrs / Miss / Ms / Mr / Dr
Address: .
Optional - Would you prefer Bromeletter delivered by email ?
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Contact: email : Business Phone: Private Phone:
Membership : Joining Fee (new members only) A$5.00 ( ) Membership A$25 per year ( )
Asia/Pacific Airmail + A$15.00 ( ) Rest of World Airmail + A$20 ( )
Payment : Cheque ( ) Overseas Draft ( ) Cash ( )
(Please tick) Bankcard ( ) MasterCard ( ) VISA card ( )
Postal Order ( ) Other :
Card Details : Cardholder name: Address:
Card number: Expiry:
Signature :
NAME USE AUTHORISATION: Under the provisions of the Privacy Act, recently passed by the Federal Government, use of names and references to private details, such as illness, holidays, birthdays and items of a similar nature, such as those contained in Members' Update, may only be published with the written permission of the person concerned. This is a government requirement, not this Society's.
Do you agree to having such personal information included in the Bromeletter?
Yes. _____ No. _____ Signature._______________________________

The form may also be emailed if paying by Direct Debit from your bank to our CBA bank, BSB = 062180, Account = 10010802. Please sens an email ASAP to confirm transfer.
Select the area above, copy to clipboard (Ctrl-C), then paste (Ctrl-V) into the body of email when you click on the following link.

Updated 02/10/15