Compiled by Eileen Killingley for the Illawarra Newsletter.
"While we have been given permission to list these gardens in this edition of Newslink, as a courtesy please note that YOU SHOULD CALL AHEAD TO SET A CONVENIENT TIME AND DATE to visit.
Narelle Aizlewood, of the Gold Coast Succulent and Bromeliad Society, has kindly worked with me in putting this list together, supplying most of the names and contact details for the gardens in her area."

Bonville Broms: Jan and Jon Townsend – 215 Bradford Drive, Bonville 2441 (down Moet Lane)
Phone: 0418-574-030 Email: Jantownsend@iinet.net.au Bromeliads for sale. Phone first.

Bromeliads Australia Nursery: Robert and Gleness Larnach – 49 Ruttleys Rd, Wyee 2259
Phone: 02-4359-3356/0418-471-754 Email: bromeliadsaust@myaccess.com.au Bromeliads for sale, lots of information.

Ross & Dianne Smith 13 Sidney St, Tea-Gardens 2324. Ph: 02-4997-2880 or 0438-723-121. Large & long term collection, especially Neoregelia. Member of Hunter and Queensland Societies.

Ian Hook Bromeliad Society of Australia. Northmead (near Parramatta/Sydney) ph: 0408-202-269 for visit or other contacts in Sydney. Email: Ian@bromeliad.org.au

Rick Collins - 6 Boonbilla Street, MARYLAND. Phone: 02-4951-7782.
A great private collection of bromeliads, cacti and succulents - Limited plants for sale.

CLIFFDALE GREENS: Carol and Gary Van Hof - 33 Denva Road, TAREE. Mob: 0404-043-722
Phone: 02-6551-3722 Email: gvanhof1@optusnet.com.au
2-1/2 acres of beautiful gardens built up over 10 years, including succulents, natives and bromeliads.

Heidi East and Steve Hogan - 19 Patemans Road, ASHBY, NSW 2463 (Near YAMBA).
Phone: 02-6645-1319. (Members of the Gold Coast Succulent and Bromeliad Society, Heidi and Steve have a hobby nursery – Plants available for sale.)

Alan Ladd 588 Booyong Rd, Booyong 2489. Phone: 02-6629-1559
Breeder of new hybrids including thornless & variegated Neo., Vriesea species ; Vr. hieroglyphica, Vr. forsteriana, Bigenerics, Vr. carinata orange & red species & hybrids, Dwarf Crucifix orchids from seed.

EXOTIC LIFE – Tillandsia Specialist – Ari Stein Phone: 02-6680-1887 Mob: 0414-510-345
Tandy’s Lane (adjacent Uncle Tom’s Pies, Old Pacific Highway, BILLINUDGEL—on way to Mullumbimby)

Burt Dunn - 4 Fimiston Place, BURLEIGH WATERS - Phone: 0412-699-399
A private collection in a very unusual and special garden.

Jennifer Laurie - 6 Gilward Drive, MUDGEERABA, 4213 Phone: 07-5530-5510
(Jennifer has been a member of the Gold Coast Society since 2004 and she and her husband travel extensively and have a great collection of very interesting plants.)

Genny and John Catlan - 17 Pelican Parade, JACOBS WELL - Phone: 07-5546-1401
An amazing collection of bromeliads and exotic plants. Plants for sale.

Greg and Narelle Aizlewood - 15 Royal Palm Drive, WOONGOOLBA, 4207 (Just about 5 km north of JACOBS WELL) Phone: 07-5546-1161. Narelle is Secretary of the Gold Coast Society while Greg was appointed a Director of the BSI at the WBC held in Cairns last year. Narelle and Greg have a collection of most bromeliads; however Greg particularly enjoys growing tillandsias, cryptanthus and billbergias — and he also grows a lot from seed. They have plants for sale.

Jim and Beryl Batchelor - 10 Kevin Street, CAPALABA, 4517. Phone: 07-3390-2214. Jim and Beryl are members of the Bromeliad Society of Queensland - have plants for sale at reasonable prices.

Len and Sheryl Waite - 4 Prudence Court, UPPER CABOOLTURE, 4510.
Phone: 07-5496-7795 Email: lwa50752@bigpond.net.au Sheryl has been very actively involved in the Sunshine Coast Bromeliad Society for some years and Narelle advises of Sheryl and Len’s garden: “…a lovely garden and I am sure those who do visit would be overwhelmed.” Plants for sale.

Debbie and Hans Kruger - 376 Honeyeater Drive, WALLIGAN (HERVEY BAY)
Phone: 07-4128-6026. deborahkruger@exemail.com.au Debbie was instrumental in setting up the Fraser Coast Bromeliad Society a few years ago (of which she is President/Editor) and it has gone from strength to strength. Debbie and Hans have a beautiful garden covering 5 acres, with large shade houses and plants for sale.

Margaret and Jeff Bartley - 1/24 Denman Avenue, SHOAL POINT (MACKAY)
Phone: 07-4954-8919 Email: paradise@matilda.net.au
Margaret and Jeff were founding members of the Illawarra Bromeliad Society and worked for nearly 10 years building and setting up the framework which still guides our Society today. They have an exquisite, small garden at their home address, with additional shadehouses and plants for sale. They would particularly enjoy visits from Illawarra members to talk over ‘old times’!

HUDSON’S BROMELIADS DOWN UNDER: Bob and Lynn Hudson, 47 Boden Street, EDGE HILL, CAIRNS. Phone: 07-4053-3913 Email: lynnie@ledanet.com.au Lynn and Bob need no introduction as they have been tireless workers towards our more recent Conferences and have a truly outstanding collection of bromeliads. Lynn for the larger bromeliads, and Bob has to be “Mr. Tillandsia of the North”!

Dave Weston and Brendan Leishman – CAIRNS - Phone: 07-4057-8604 Mob: 0432-068-645
Email: westdave@westnet.com.au. An interesting garden with cycads, terrestrial bromeliads, neoregelias, etc.

Russell Holzheimer – 159 Birthamba Road, SOUTH KOLAN (25 km outside of Bundaberg).
Phone: (07) 4157 7136. Email: russellholzheimer@bigpond.com has a 2.5 acre garden, and while Russell sells mainly by mail order, he also welcomes visitors (if contacted beforehand). A huge number of Neoregelias, a large number of Billbergias, plus Aechmeas, Alcantareas, etc.

Updated 22/04/16