Bromeletter Author Index 1979-1999

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Abendroth, AddaAdda Abendroth letters(1982-2-11)
Abendroth, AddaAdda Abendroth letters(1982-4-07)
Abendroth, AddaAdda Abendroth letters(1982-4-14)
Abendroth, AddaAdda Abendroth letters(1983-2-11)
Abendroth, AddaAdda Abendroth letters(1983-4-11)
Abendroth, AddaAdda Abendroth papers 1958 -63(1996-4-06)
Abendroth, AddaAdda Abendroth papers 1958 -63(1996-6-06)
Acton, IanTillandsia balls(1988-4-10)
Agnew, RAechmea mertensii and Ant association(1984-6-12)
Allan, KenEstablishing a glasshouse for Bromeliads(1985-1-09)
Allan, KenEstablishing a glasshouse for Bromeliads(1985-2-13)
Allan, KenEstablishing a glasshouse for Bromeliads(1985-3-14)
Allan, KenEstablishing a glasshouse for Bromeliads(1985-4-09)
Allan, KenEstablishing a glasshouse for Bromeliads(1985-6-08)
Allen, KenFrost Injury(1995-5-12)
Alton, TomPups and Potting(1990-2-07)
Andrew, AndyInexpensive Aid to Propagation(1990-4-07)
AnonAechmea chantinii(1979-6-08)
AnonAechmea fasciata(1979-6-09)
AnonProviding Glasshouse shade(1980-1-07)
AnonSoil substitutes(1980-1-10)
AnonBromeliad Identification Centre at Selby(1980-2-08)
AnonLegend of the Spanish moss in Florida(1980-4-09)
AnonHow to get better results in our shows(1981-1-14)
AnonOffsetsí removal(1981-3-08)
AnonNidularium billbergioides(1981-4-08)
AnonBillbergia sanderiana(1981-5-08)
AnonStreptocalyx poeppigii and williamsii(1981-6-08)
AnonGrowing Bromeliads from seed(1982-1-05)
AnonRelationship of three to the Bromeliad(1982-2-17)
AnonPups you cannot count on(1982-2-22)
AnonNaming Bromeliad hybrids(1982-3-10)
AnonAechmea winkleri(1982-3-13)
AnonAechmea nudicaulis(1982-4-12)
AnonJust how durable are Bromeliads(1982-4-22)
AnonSpanish moss will rise again(1982-4-22)
AnonPlant Identification - Tillandsia fasciculata v. floridana(1982-5-05)
AnonNomenclature problems(1982-6-10)
AnonParts of a Bromeliad flower(1983-6-07)
AnonGlossary (Botanical definitions)(1983-6-10)
AnonFertilising Bromeliads(1984-5-15)
AnonSafe handling of pesticides(1985-2-12)
AnonQuesnelia quesneliana(1985-3-08)
AnonAechmea eurycorymbus(1986-5-09)
AnonTillandsia rust(1987-2-08)
AnonGerman peatmoss(1988-6-09)
AnonMisnamed Bromeliads Part 1 (correction)(1989-1-07)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia(1990-6-08)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia(1991-1-07)
AnonMore about Neoregelia Fireball(1991-2-10)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia(1991-2-14)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia(1991-3-07)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia(1991-4-05)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia(1991-5-13)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia(1991-6-08)
AnonSummary of CITES appendices(1992-5-11)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia(1993-4-14)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia(1993-6-12)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia(1994-3-15)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia (preparing exhibits)(1994-4-11)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia (shadecloth)(1995-2-09)
AnonBit about Cork(1995-3-11)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia (Winter colour loss)(1995-4-10)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia (Premature pupping)(1995-5-05)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia(1997-3-14)
AnonDear Dorothy Dyckia (Flyspeck scale)(1997-6-14)
AnonGood old days(1998-4-13)
AnonBromeliads becoming more colourful(1998-5-11)
AnonCarolus Linnaeus 1700 - 1778(1998-5-14)
AnonNew Bromeliad Identification Centre at Selby(1999-3-05)
AnonEternal cycle of forest life(1999-3-07)
AnonUnusual discovery (Bromeliad-eating crab)(1999-4-10)
Avenhuis, WilfredStill unknown Bromeliad habitat in Quiche(1998-6-10)
Barnett, AdrianChoosy crabs eat forest flowers(1997-3-15)
Barry, DavidResuscitating imported plants(1982-1-14)
Bartel, AnnEnd of an era (V. gigantea Nova blooming)(1997-2-12)
Bartel, AnneMale species (Spouse)(1997-5-14)
Beadle, DonWhat you should know about Billbergias(1998-3-07)
Begg, FelicityErrata - Sub-genera under Aechmea(1999-1-10)
Bennett, JuneLetís get organised ( Hybrid seed collecting)(1980-3-12)
Bennett, JuneAgree or disagree (Plant IDís)(1982-3-14)
Bennett, JuneID wanted - Could it be a new species?(1982-6-14)
Bennett, JuneLetís plant it right (choosing locations)(1983-1-12)
Bennett, JuneEye Opener (Examining plants)(1983-1-13)
Bennett, JuneLetís plant it right (choosing locations)(1983-2-04)
Bennett, JuneAechmea angustifolia and A. leucocarpa(1984-3-10)
Bennett, JuneLittle bit of everything(1984-6-13)
Berg, WallyWhen in doubt, Donít throw it out (O. burlemarxii)(1998-2-08)
Besgrove, GrahamAechmea eurycorymbus and A. mulfordii(1995-4-09)
Bisset, JohnBromeliads - House plants of the future(1982-5-08)
Black, BerylThree Bromeliads to have and hold(1993-2-12)
Blackburn, ChetQuesnelia arvensis(1995-1-14)
Blackburn, ChetWord of warning to new members (Brom bug bites)(1998-2-11)
Blackburn, ChetUnruly Pitcairnias (1998-2-13)
Blackburn, ChetTillandsia xerographica(1998-3-09)
Blackburn, ChetHorka and fries to go (T. australis)(1998-3-10)
Bradley, BerniceSeed raising, my way(1984-4-13)
Briggs, AnneSelected information on bug deterrants (1998-4-09)
BSI Conservation CmteeBromeliad Conservation (1991-4-13)
Buchanan, JuneQuarantine & Inspection Service fees (1993-2-08)
Buchanan, RosHelpful hints for winter(1986-3-07)
Buchanan, RosAcutely hazardous (Horticultural chemicals)(1988-1-05)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia lindenii(1979-5-08)
Butcher, DerekMargaret River(1979-5-10)
Butcher, DerekVisit to Narre Warren(1980-4-09)
Butcher, DerekViva la difference(1981-1-06)
Butcher, DerekButcherís Bromeliad Bonanza(1982-5-13)
Butcher, DerekButcherís Bromeliad Bonanza(1982-6-11)
Butcher, DerekVriesea geniculata(1983-2-10)
Butcher, DerekOn the trail in Ď83 (collection visits)(1983-5-09)
Butcher, DerekNotes on Hybrids(1984-2-13)
Butcher, DerekNotes on Hybrids(1984-3-05)
Butcher, DerekXerophytes(1984-3-12)
Butcher, DerekImporting Tillandsia plants(1985-6-11)
Butcher, DerekBlooming time for Bromeliads in South Australia(1986-1-08)
Butcher, DerekAustralian hybrids(1986-1-10)
Butcher, DerekOn the trail of Aechmea roberto-seidelii(1986-6-09)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia muhrii(1988-4-06)
Butcher, DerekFun with names (Correct I D)(1989-1-07)
Butcher, DerekAechmea melinonii(1989-2-05)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia growing guide(1989-3-09)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia identifications(1989-4-05)
Butcher, DerekMore Hybridists?(1989-5-09)
Butcher, DerekNeoregelia Rosella(1989-6-05)
Butcher, DerekDastardly Plot (I.D.) (1990-2-13)
Butcher, DerekHybrid Detective(1990-5-04)
Butcher, DerekHybrid Detective(1990-6-08)
Butcher, DerekAechmea Apocalypse Now(1991-1-10)
Butcher, DerekNeoregelia Fireball/Red of Rio(1991-1-10)
Butcher, DerekNeoregelia carolinae Minor(1991-5-09)
Butcher, DerekOne down and two to go (ID)(1991-6-12)
Butcher, DerekHohenbergia augusta(1991-6-14)
Butcher, DerekA Sequel to one down (various IDís)(1992-1-08)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia cerrateana(1992-1-08)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia Topics(1992-1-13)
Butcher, DerekBillbergia fosteriana(1992-2-10)
Butcher, DerekBillbergia brasiliensis(1992-3-05)
Butcher, DerekNeoregelia hybrid worth questioning(1992-3-06)
Butcher, DerekPortemeas(1992-3-08)
Butcher, DerekConservation of the rarer kind (1992-3-10)
Butcher, DerekAmerican Experience (World Conference)(1992-4-04)
Butcher, DerekCITES (1992-6-10)
Butcher, DerekKey is a Key (1992-6-14)
Butcher, DerekMcNamara/Ryde Expeditions 1, 2, and 3(1993-1-12)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia intermedia(1993-1-12)
Butcher, DerekMore about AQIS fees (1993-2-10)
Butcher, DerekAechmea alias roberto-seidelii (1993-3-04)
Butcher, DerekSt Patrickís Day (Till ID)(1993-3-10)
Butcher, DerekQuestions, Questions, Questions (Neo IDs) (1993-4-10)
Butcher, DerekHybrids old and new(1993-4-12)
Butcher, DerekPersistency Pays (Vriesea hybrids)(1993-5-05)
Butcher, DerekButcher/Robinson Eastern Seaboard Expedition(1993-5-10)
Butcher, DerekGive us more (IDs)(1993-6-06)
Butcher, DerekFor Tillandsia Buffs (Inflorescence types)(1993-6-11)
Butcher, DerekBillbergia nutans (1993-6-14)
Butcher, DerekMore on Billbergia nutans (ID) (1994-1-05)
Butcher, DerekVriesea Komet (ID)(1994-1-06)
Butcher, DerekAechmea ornata (ID) (1994-2-12)
Butcher, DerekPitcairnia patentiflora v. subintegra (ID)(1994-2-13)
Butcher, DerekAechmea macrochlamys (ID) (1994-3-04)
Butcher, DerekNew Brazilian species in South Australia (1994-3-11)
Butcher, DerekBillbergia Oeserís Bigeneric Hybrid (1994-3-14)
Butcher, DerekHybrid Detective(1994-4-06)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia myosura versus T. caliginosa (ID)(1994-5-08)
Butcher, DerekVriesea didistichoides (ID)(1994-5-11)
Butcher, DerekOops Dept (various IDís)(1994-5-14)
Butcher, DerekAechmea caudata v. eipperi (1994-6-10)
Butcher, DerekBromeliads before BSA (pre 1963) (1995-1-08)
Butcher, DerekBillbergia saundersii (1995-1-12)
Butcher, DerekPetal appendages(1995-1-12)
Butcher, DerekAntipodean Bromeliads circa 1957 (1995-2-11)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia aurea (ID)(1995-3-05)
Butcher, DerekStigma - stain on my reputation(1995-3-09)
Butcher, DerekGuide to greyish-leaved Tillandsioideae(1995-4-08)
Butcher, DerekVriesea Likely Lad (ID)(1995-5-07)
Butcher, DerekYou are never too old to learn (IDís)(1995-5-10)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia kolbii (ID)(1995-6-08)
Butcher, DerekGrass-like Tillandsias(1995-6-10)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia cardenasii(1995-6-15)
Butcher, DerekEdna to the Rescue (Werauhia corrections)(1996-1-06)
Butcher, DerekAechmea Flaming Star (1996-1-06)
Butcher, DerekNeoregelia seideliana(1996-1-06)
Butcher, DerekAechmea pimenti-velosoi v. variegata(1996-1-13)
Butcher, DerekBillbergia Chas Webb/Breauteana (ID) (1996-2-07)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia chiletensis(1996-2-14)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia pucaraensis(1996-3-10)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia Eureka(1996-3-12)
Butcher, DerekNeoregelia coimbrae(1996-4-10)
Butcher, DerekVariegated Neoregelias(1996-5-06)
Butcher, DerekNeoregelia richteri(1996-5-13)
Butcher, DerekWerauhia Revisited (name changes)(1996-6-05)
Butcher, DerekCircumnavigating the World (collecting)(1996-6-10)
Butcher, DerekFranklin/Butcher release (A. Gaiters & A.Musicale)(1997-1-07 ill)
Butcher, DerekCircumnavigating the World, Part 2 (1997-1-09)
Butcher, DerekSynonymity(1997-2-09)
Butcher, DerekThree Aechmea Hybrids (Icecream Cone, Blue Wheat, Burnt Torch)(1997-2-10)
Butcher, DerekFraud or Paradox (Nid. fraudulentum)(1997-3-05)
Butcher, DerekFlowering periods in hybrids(1997-3-11)
Butcher, DerekBromeliad Preservation (Saving Collections)(1997-3-13)
Butcher, DerekHybrids and Cultivars(1997-4-06)
Butcher, DerekTo Townsville and back(1997-4-14)
Butcher, DerekTo Townsville and back(1997-5-05)
Butcher, DerekOverseas hybrids (ID)(1997-5-08)
Butcher, DerekNidularium billbergioides Cultivars(1997-5-12)
Butcher, DerekNaming of Bromeliad Cultivars (1997-5-13)
Butcher, DerekHarry has been busy (O. sucrei & T. occulta)(1997-6-08)
Butcher, DerekVriesea triligulata and others(1997-6-10)
Butcher, DerekPepinia sanguinea(1997-6-14)
Butcher, DerekNeoregelia hybrids(1998-1-05)
Butcher, DerekMore on hybrids (ID) (1998-1-10)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia roseoscapa(1998-2-07)
Butcher, DerekIn search of the true Vriesea Kitteliana(1998-2-09)
Butcher, DerekAechmea nudicaulis v. aureo-rosea (ID) (1998-2-12)
Butcher, DerekRacinaea pugiformis (ID)(1998-3-04)
Butcher, DerekVriesea platynema (ID)(1998-4-07)
Butcher, DerekNeoregelia macwilliamsii (ID)(1998-4-11)
Butcher, DerekVriesea Sanderiana (ID)(1998-4-12)
Butcher, DerekNeoregelia Purple Haze(1998-5-05)
Butcher, DerekVriesea morreniana (ID)(1998-5-09)
Butcher, DerekPitcairnia (IDís)(1998-6-11)
Butcher, DerekTillandsia refiflora = boliviensis (ID)(1998-6-13)
Butcher, DerekCanistropsis (1999-2-02)
Butcher, DerekNeoregelia amandae(1999-2-07)
Butcher, DerekBillbergia elegans (1999-3-02)
Butcher, derekNew Neoregelia species (N. mucugensis) (1999-4-02)
Butcher, DerekFormulas and formulae(1999-5-04)
Butt, LenEpiphytic nature of plants(1979-6-06)
Butt, LenBromeliad Specialist(1980-2-14)
Butt, LenBrisbaneís ĎMr. Billbergiaí(1980-3-11)
Butt, LenSome unusual photographics(1980-3-12)
Butt, LenBromeliad and the macro-lens(1980-4-14)
Butt, LenWord or two on a new medium(1980-6-13)
Butt, LenIdentification Please - (Pitcairnia corallina?)(1981-1-05)
Butt, LenPossible evolution of the Bromeliad(1981-1-14)
Butt, LenWot! Not another one!(1981-2-04)
Butt, LenDiaspididae gymnapsis aechmeae(1982-2-09)
Butt, LenBromeliads and the mighty Amazon basin(1982-3-07)
Butt, LenRemember our species Bromeliads(1983-2-11)
Butt, LenBattling an old enemy (Pinspot scale)(1983-3-13)
Butt, LenBromeliads I live with(1983-4-07)
Butt, LenBlending with Bromeliads (Landscaping)(1984-2-13)
Butt, LenWildlife in the heart of a Bromeliad(1984-3-11)
Butt, LenTry a nutrient solution(1985-6-06)
Butt, LenFascinating miniature Neoregelias(1986-1-11)
Butt, LenQueensland climate care of Bromeliads(1988-3-07)
Butt, LenQueen of the Billbergias(1988-6-05)
Butt, LenGardening with Bromeliads(1989-5-10)
Butt, LenTillandsias(1989-6-10)
Butt, LenBromeliads - Perfect for Busy People(1990-3-07)
Butt, LenMiniature Worlds in the hearts of Jungle Bromeliads (1991-3-07)
Butt, LenAdded Joy of growing epiphytically(1993-4-14)
Butt, LenMini Bromeliads in Sea Rocks(1993-6-06)
Butt, LenSobering Thought (Conservation)(1994-3-06)
Butt, LenIntroductions (into Horticulture)(1994-5-13)
Butt, LenRomance with Bromeliaceae(1995-1-10)
Butt, LenVersatile Ananas(1995-2-10)
Butt, LenAmazonia, Margaret Mee and her Art(1995-3-06)
Butt, LenPool without water (Seed banks)(1995-5-14)
Butt, LenMore facts on flyspeck scale(1996-1-12)
Butt, LenHazards of collecting in habitat(1996-1-14)
Butt, LenGrowing Epiphytes rainforest style(1996-2-13)
Butt, LenOrganic mixtures and root-producing hormones(1996-3-04)
Butt, LenWhere my healthiest Tillandsias grow(1996-4-05)
Butt, LenPuya and the Bear (habitat predator)(1996-5-12)
Butt, LenVariegated miniature Neoregelias(1997-6-15)
Butt, LenBlending the landscape with Bromeliads(1998-1-07)
Butt, LenFly speck scale (Treatment)(1998-1-08)
Butt, LenAdded joy of growing epiphytically(1999-5-08)
Butt,LenPineapple scale(1980-6-12)
Byatt, JBromel seed nest(1981-1-09)
Callister, DebbieTraffic Oceania (CITES)(1992-5-11)
Carew, JohnBalance of nature (Poem)(1998-3-09)
Carrington, L JComposting(1982-4-16)
Cathcart, DennisSearching for Tillandsia funckiana(1999-4-06)
Catlan, JohnAechmea recurvata Aztec Gold(1995-5-13)
Catlan, JohnUnder the Mango tree (Cryptanthus pups)(1998-4-07)
Catlan, JohnFunction of your potting mix(1999-2-05)
Catlan, JohnBit about calcium and Guzmanias(1999-5-06)
Chambers, AllanStop Press - Tillandsia rust(1982-6-04)
Charley, WalFreak seedlings(1991-5-09)
Chipper, KimMore inexpert thoughts on Bromeliad Judging(1992-1-13)
Cleghorn, AndreTissue culture of Bromeliads(1989-6-06)
Conlon, JudyNew memberís experiences(1997-6-05)
Curry, PatMy thoughts on an International Hybrid Registration(1982-2-22)
Curry, PatVriesea philippo-coburgii(1983-1-08)
Curry, PatGuzmania angustifolia(1983-1-09)
DeLeon, NatSolving the Fireball Mystery(1994-6-13)
DeLeon, NatSolving the Fireball mystery(1998-4-08)
Dills, ChasEaster Tale (Deuterocohnia longipetala)(1998-2-09)
Dimmitt, MarkEndangered species, Another view(1991-4-10)
Dorr, KathyNew Zealand moss(1995-5-11)
Ehlers, RenateTillandsia velutina (ID)(1996-2-06)
Ehlers, RenateTillandsia brachycaulos and its relatives (1996-4-12)
Ellis, BryanExperimenting with Tillandsia seeds ÖÖ(1988-3-06)
Ferris, OlwenCryptanthus(1979-6-05)
Ferris, OlwenAechmea nudicaulis-like plant(1980-1-06)
Ferris, OlwenExperiment with potting mix(1980-1-08)
Ferris, OlwenBromeliads from seed(1980-1-09)
Ferris, OlwenWeeping Willow roots(1980-1-13)
Ferris, OlwenAechmea Mary Brett(1980-2-11)
Ferris, OlwenBillbergia decora(1980-3-06)
Ferris, OlwenUnusual Germination(1980-3-07)
Ferris, OlwenWinter Problems (1980-3-07)
Ferris, OlwenUseful green plants(1980-3-11)
Ferris, OlwenUnusual Nidularium (procerum)(1980-3-14)
Ferris, OlwenUnusual seed germination (1980-4-10)
Ferris, OlwenBecoming acquainted with Bromeliads(1980-4-11)
Ferris, OlwenTillandsia lindenii(1980-5-11)
Ferris, OlwenNomenclature(1980-5-13)
Ferris, OlwenDyckia brevifolia(1980-6-10)
Ferris, OlwenAechmea mariae-reginae(1980-6-13)
Ferris, OlwenHoliday in North Queensland(1980-6-14)
Ferris, OlwenHechtia glomerata(1980-6-15)
Ferris, OlwenHarvesting Bromeliad seed(1981-1-05)
Ferris, OlwenBromeliad propagation(1981-1-08)
Ferris, OlwenTillandsia seedlings(1981-1-09)
Ferris, OlwenCryptanthus Cascade(1981-1-10)
Ferris, OlwenTry making a Brom tree(1981-3-14)
Ferris, OlwenNomenclature(1981-4-16)
Ferris, OlwenCare of small seedlings(1982-2-16)
Ferris, OlwenCrowning Glory (Ananas comosus)(1982-2-18)
Ferris, OlwenWinter care(1982-3-09)
Ferris, OlwenSnail bait(1982-3-11)
Ferris, OlwenAechmea nudicaulis- like plant(1982-3-11)
Ferris, OlwenLarge Dyckias(1982-3-15)
Ferris, OlwenCare of Bromeliad seedlings(1982-3-22)
Ferris, OlwenNeoregelia Beefsteak(1982-4-04)
Ferris, OlwenNeoregelia carolinae Magnificent Red(1982-4-04)
Ferris, OlwenTwo Aechmeas in question(1982-4-13)
Ferris, OlwenAechmea cylindrata(1982-6-08)
Ferris, OlwenWinter vacation in the North(1982-6-12)
Ferris, OlwenAechmea organensis(1983-2-09)
Ferris, OlwenTillandsia bartramii(1983-2-09)
Ferris, OlwenHave you noticed (seed germination)(1983-2-10)
Ferris, OlwenTwo similar tillandsias (T. recurvata & T. bandensis)(1983-5-09)
Ferris, OlwenLetís be correct (writing names) (1983-6-13)
Ferris, OlwenGrowing Bromeliads from seed(1984-1-07)
Ferris, OlwenCryptanthus(1984-3-04)
Ferris, OlwenThe unusual - Is it caused by stress? (Malformations)(1984-3-08)
Ferris, OlwenCollecting Neoregelia seed(1984-3-15)
Ferris, OlwenBillbergia pyramidalis Kyoto(1984-5-11)
Ferris, OlwenRemoving offsets(1984-5-11)
Ferris, OlwenMore on Tillandsia utriculata(1984-5-12)
Ferris, OlwenUpper Puppers(1984-5-14)
Ferris, OlwenNeoregelia Marnier-Lapostolle (1984-6-11)
Ferris, OlwenNotes on names (Aechmea)(1984-6-11)
Ferris, OlwenTillandsia cyanea(1985-1-09)
Ferris, OlwenBromeliad identification(1985-2-06)
Ferris, OlwenTillandsia with multiple inflorescence(1985-2-07)
Ferris, OlwenAechmea fasciata(1985-2-09)
Ferris, OlwenRaising seedlings(1985-3-07)
Ferris, OlwenHarvesting Bromeliad seed(1985-5-05)
Ferris, OlwenTillandsia culture(1986-1-10)
Ferris, OlwenLong time favourites(1986-3-06)
Ferris, OlwenWinter preparation(1986-3-11)
Ferris, OlwenOrthophytum saxicola(1986-4-05)
Ferris, OlwenCryptanthus bivittatus(1986-4-09)
Ferris, OlwenHang that pot(1986-4-09)
Ferris, OlwenCryptanthus question(1986-4-10)
Ferris, OlwenAechmea recurvata(1986-4-10)
Ferris, OlwenBromelia balansae(1986-6-08)
Ferris, OlwenCryptanthus question(1986-6-10)
Ferris, OlwenBromeliads from seed(1987-1-08)
Ferris, OlwenAechmea recurvata(1987-1-09)
Ferris, OlwenAechmea gigantea(1987-1-10)
Ferris, OlwenSplash of Colour (Aechmea pectinata)(1987-3-05)
Ferris, OlwenAechmea gigantea(1987-3-10)
Ferris, OlwenNeoregelia hatschbachii(1987-3-10)
Ferris, OlwenContinuing the trail of Aechmea roberto-seidelii(1987-4-10)
Ferris, OlwenAechmea fasciata(1988-2-14)
Ferris, OlwenNeoregelia chlorosticta Marble Throat(1988-3-05)
Ferris, OlwenCryptbergia Red Burst(1988-5-10)
Ferris, OlwenAechmea nudicaulis Silver Bands(1989-3-05)
Ferris, OlwenAechmea Tessie(1990-3-09)
Ferris, OlwenLook at your plants(1993-6-15)
Flower, AndrewSeed Bank (Puya Doris Coleman F2)(1991-4-05)
Flower, AndrewTillandsia sphaerocephala ex Guatemala(1992-5-10)
Flower, AndrewNavia propagation(1995-2-10)
Flower, AndrewPropagation from seed(1999-4-08)
Fonteno, WilliamHow to assess a Bromeliadís cultural requirements(1988-1-09)
Foster, MulfordAechmea Burgundy(1982-2-17)
Foster, MulfordWhere Bromeliads are found(1982-4-20)
Foster, MulfordBromeliads of Brazil(1983-2-05)
Foster, MulfordSurvey of Bromeliads in Horticulture(1983-2-13)
Foster, MulfordBromeliads of Brazil(1983-3-14)
Foster, MulfordBromeliads of Brazil(1983-4-14)
Foster, MulfordBromeliads of Brazil(1983-6-14)
Foster, MulfordBromeliads of Brazil(1984-6-14)
Foster, MulfordPollination and hybridization(1998-5-11)
Foster, RacineSome notes on words(1980-4-06)
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