Hosted by The Bromeliad Society of Australia.

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Other - What's on - Collectors' Plant Fair dates announced. 01/05/14
Flyer #4 - Updated. 01/05/14
Registration - Early Bird discount expired. 01/05/14
Flyer #3 - Speaker added. 28/04/14
Accommodation - Discount deal added. 20/04/14
Accommodation - Parking deal. 01/04/14
Registration method further explained. 30/05/14
Update to Competition Rules & Entry Form 25/10/14
Sales Rules added 04/12/14
Update to Competition Rules 24/01/15
Update to Program of events 24/01/15
Update to "Other Details" link, Day rates 26/01/15
List of rare books for sale added to "Other Details" link 7/2/15, (Click Here for list)
Talk titles on new flyer 15/02/15
Speaker Order added to "Programme" link 20/2/15, (Click Here)
Transport, and Walking Tour option, updated in "other" 20/02/15
Early bird dropped, day rates added to flyer & registration

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